October 18, 2016

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One of the many services offered by LineWorks Engineering is rapid damage assessment.

When a storm or other natural disaster damages a client’s facilities, our team is deployed into the field to help survey the damage. These damage accessors must be ready to go into the field, sometimes on very short notice and face numerous challenges. Changing weather conditions, downed trees and powerlines, flooding, and debris are just a few of the many potential hazards they face.

A key to staying safe in these conditions is to practice situational awareness. Knowing what is going on around you is the essence of situational awareness. Throughout our lives we are trained to safely perform many different tasks. Being situationally aware helps us recognize potential hazards and use our training to perform those tasks safely. It may sound simple, but is harder to put into practice.

To maintain situational awareness, our damage assessors work in teams of two. They are trained to recognize potential hazards and adapt to their surroundings. They are also trained to watch out for each other and recognize when their awareness level isn’t what it should be. Our main objective is to safely provide our clients with the data they need to complete system repairs. If we practice situational awareness, look out for each other, and rely on our training we can complete our tasks and make it home to our families.