July 9, 2016

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For the Kuihelani Fiber project, LineWorks Engineering designed the addition of underground and overhead fiber optic cable to an existing line in Maui, Hawaii.

Because of the location of this project and the impact it could have on the surrounding ecology and the local community, LineWorks worked closely with the client to equip them to collaborate with the community to obtain trust and to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

In order to protect valuable sight lines and important cultural resources, we considered all alternatives before moving forward with the project. LineWorks Engineering first noted and analyzed existing structures to consider their potential for updates to accommodate the project necessities. LineWorks considered possible replacement and improvement opportunities, while also noting opportunities for the most efficient way to install new fiber without disrupting view or geography. Additionally, LineWorks provided support to the client as they worked with the local community, offering photo simulations of the line, structural information, projections of community impact, and detailed schedules.

After coordinating with the client’s attorneys and the local government to ensure all permits were approved, and securing crossing and DOT permits for the client, LineWorks was able to implement the design of both underground and overhead fiber optic cable that benefited both community and client.