With over 80 cumulative years of diverse, trusted
experience, the LineWorks team is equipped and committed
to providing the highest quality design approach, standards,
and process for all projects and services.

Our Services

Power Delivery Design

LineWorks has over 80 years of cumulative experience in high voltage transmission line routing and design. Our expertise is in the design of distribution and transmission lines, as we perform analysis on existing lines and design modifications to increase line ratings. Our most recent design projects have been in the Maui, Hawaii, Alberta, Canada, Turkey, and Chile. LineWorks personnel have consulted on the development of both design and construction standards, material and vendor recommendations, permit development and submittal, geotechnical and survey criteria, EMF analysis, and creation of design criteria. LineWorks uses the industry standard PLS-Cadd suite of design software.

Lighting Services

For utility clients, LineWorks provides residential and commercial lighting design and program management. From direct customer interaction to photometric design with Visual, LineWorks offers clients unique turnkey lighting design options to fit any size or type of installation. LineWorks incorporates specialty pole design, smart-grid, WiFi, telecommunications colocations and other additional features to meet the client’s requirements.

Distribution Planning and Design

LineWorks provides single and three-phase design of residential underground and overhead distribution systems emphasizing timeliness and constructability.


LineWorks utilizes our background in Transmission Engineering and Telecommunications to provide utility and wireless carrier clients with unique joint use solutions including wireless installations on electric transmission towers and poles. LineWorks utilizes PLS-CADD/TOWER software to ensure both utility and wireless carrier interests are protected through the structural analysis process. In addition to joint application sites, LineWorks can provide structural analyses and drawings for water towers, rooftops, light stanchions, guyed towers, and self-supported poles.


LineWorks Engineering provides both beginning-level and advanced on-site training in the use of PLS-Cadd suite software to design new high voltage transmission lines and model existing existing lines. Through this thorough training, LineWorks offers expertise in route planning, survey data management and manipulations, criteria development, structure modeling, and project analysis. Additionally, LineWorks works with clients to design efficient and productive file system structures, training teams in the management and protection of files to ensure design safety. Recent design training has been provided for firms in Maui, Hawaii, New Delhi, India, and Jerusalem, Israel.

Power Delivery Operations and Management

In order to maintain an efficient process and effective operation, LineWorks Engineering gathers information from trusted sources, our knowledgeable team, and our base of deep and longstanding expertise to help clients more efficiently manage maintenance programs. At LineWorks Engineering, our team collects field data and works within existing databases to design for a plan’s upkeep operation. Our network and knowledge allows us to connect large amount of data to help our clients plan immediate next steps as well as develop a plan for their long term goals.